Getting Unstuck - 5 Motivation Musts

"I just don't feel like doing anything."

I've heard that many times lately from even the most goal driven women. These have been trying times and some days, let's be honest, we haven't felt like setting the world on fire. 

How do we get motivated when we're stuck? Here's some ideas that have worked for me:

1. Go with your natural ebb and flow.

I know people say they are morning people or night owls, but I find that my motivation can depend on the day, how much sleep I got, or even how much caffeine I've had. But whatever the reason, sometimes I feel like tackling a project and sometimes I don't. Knowing that...when I'm in the zone, I acknowledge it and tackle something I've been putting off or a really big project. Then there's those other times where no matter what you do, you can't get moving. Why fight it? If you're feeling sluggish, go sit and relax. Maybe even take a power nap. You will restore your energy and maybe be ready to tackle something big.

2. Do the little things.

 Tackle a few emails instead of writing that presentation. Empty the dishwasher instead of reorganizing the pantry. You're still getting stuff done, but not tackling the world just yet. Take small steps and build momentum. Do one small part of the project and then another, then another. I'm doing that right now. I committed to posting daily in the Goal Driven Women Facebook group and then just kept writing and it turned into this blog post. Oh, and don't forget to celebrate your wins (especially the little ones) along the way. 

3. Get up. Get out. Change your scenery.

As I'm writing this, my Apple watch buzzed and the screen read "Time to stand". Well isn't that the truth. Feeling like you're dragging? Try this...tell yourself "GET UP" and hop up. Stretch. Then put your shoes on and go for a walk. Get out of the house or your office. Breathe in some fresh air. The change of scenery will do wonders at getting you unstuck! 

4. Give yourself a deadline.  

You want a clean house? Invite people over...adrenaline will kick in and you'll be buzzing around your house before you know it. Have a project at work...give your boss a date you'll get it to them and'll have the looming deadline and will feel the pressure to get after it. Tell someone else your goal and give it a deadline - finding an accountability buddy will have them hold you to it. 

5. If all else fails, trick yourself.

I have silly trick I pull on myself when I don't feel like doing anything, but need to get stuff done. I'm a movie buff and will put on a movie to watch while I'm working on the project. But, and this is KEY...I make myself choose a movie on a channel that has commercials...remember those? I know in this DVR/digital age, we don't sit through those anymore but it really works for me. Watch the movie and then on those 4-5 minute breaks, get up and put a load of laundry in, load some dishes, go through the stack of mail, answer an email. When the evening is over, I realize I accomplished a lot while I was kicking back having a relaxing evening.

Now it's your turn. What's your best motivation hack to get unstuck?


Photo by Tomas Tuma on Unsplash

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