Pick Me, Pick Me

Had an amazing time at Dayton Business Journal's annual Mentoring Monday event! It was an honor to be among such great company with all my fellow mentors and have some wonderful conversations with several mentees. 

This was my first time mentoring at the event and I have to admit I was nervous. As much as it looks like I have tons of accomplishments and confidence, putting yourself out there can be scary. The set up is such that you're surrounded by a room full of very accomplished, successful women. Mentees can choose who they want to see, including waiting in line for them. So of course I'm flashing back to grade school where they pick teams in the schoolyard - hoping somebody picks me and that I'm not sitting open while there's a line for other people. I also have been called "extra" so what did I go and do?...I made little cards for each of my fellow mentors that I passed out with candy that said, "I feel like a star being in the company of such smarties for Mentoring Monday". So then I was nervous about how those would go over! 

Long story short...it was exhilarating! The fellow mentors were so warm and engaging. Turns out they loved the note I gave each of them! And, most importantly, I had a mentee for every round with people waiting! I talked with people afterward that told me they waited in line to meet with me and couldn't get in. (WHAT?!!!) So I'm going to follow up with them individually. Thank you to those women - you made my day, week, month! Thank you for that boost!

What are you afraid to do? We ALL have self-doubt some days. I encourage you to put yourself out there...you never know what great things await!



  • Great job tonight at ABWA. I loved it. Sue Hohenbrink.

    Sue Hohenbrink
  • Thank you for being there and being such a great role model!


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