The BHP - Big Hairy Project

That feeling when you get that BIG HAIRY PROJECT done!

This was me at 11pm last night after being glued to the laptop all. damn. day! It was due and I wanted the monkey off my back. I kept at it and hit send! WOOHOO!

Here are three tips to tackle that BHP:

1) Break it into manageable bites. Pick some part of it and get it!

2) Decide what's good enough. This doesn't mean do shoddy work, but are you aiming for perfection and then it's crippling your ability to get started? Decide on what's essential first. You can improve it once you get the basics done.

3) Reward yourself. Push through and tell yourself you're going to work on it for 20 minutes, or 2 hours, whatever. Then, when that time is up or you reached a milestone, give yourself a break. Last night, I walked the dogs at sunset once I got a section completed.

What big hairy project are you working on?


  • I am working on getting my masters degree online working full time and I am 56 years old so I hope I can accomplish this goal one bite at a time… I love your suggestions

    Sherri Popa
  • I have a difficult time getting started since I have become older and disabled. Then I don’t want to stop because doing something makes me feel so good.

    Sharon Easterday

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