Yes, you've still got this!

Well we're a few days in to the new year and the storm of motivational posts is slowing. In fact, I'm noticing some of us are thinking of giving up. Saying "whelp, that didn't work again this year". Maybe you didn't work out every day like you said you would, or you've cheated on your new diet, or your house isn't perfectly organized. It's OK! Really.

Over 80% of resolutions fail. And for a lot of reasons. I have a sign at home that says "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful". I needed that reminder because I'm a big first day of the week, month, year person. Then when we slip, we think that we've blown it and consider giving up. Don't. As of today, we have 360 days left to make 2020 our year. That's 98.6% of the whole year to go. The point is, don't give up. And here's the thing, it's not going to be perfect. But the goal is to end the year a heck of a lot closer to the goals you have for yourself. 

Oprah always said "Live your best life". But I think it should be "Live your best day. And then do it again...and again." In other words, while time flies, the days can be long. We have days when we don't feel like tackling the world, or eating zero carbs, or spending a lot of time at the gym. Case in point, I've needed to clean out my closet. Big time. I had a few laundry baskets with clean laundry and felt like I couldn't even put them away because my closet was such a disorganized mess. I knew I had too much in there and needed to go through it, but it was daunting. The last week or so, I've been doing other things and never really felt like diving in. Then last night, I got in the zone and just put on a movie with commercials (one of my favorite tricks when I don't feel like tackling a project) and then worked on it during commercials. I watched the movie while trying on some items to see if they fit. Before I knew it, the movie ended and another one started, and I was still grooving. I didn't stop until 3am. Now I'm not suggesting you stick to it that long...but we have to go with our ebbs and flows. When we feel energetic to tackle a project (no matter how we tricked our minds to get started) we need to go with it. And when we're not feeling it, do something else, or relax for a bit and read a book. There's always tomorrow to tackle the world. You've got this!


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